Frequently asked questions

  • There is no need to purchase an Extended Warranty. Statutory rights are definitely valuable and provide that if you experience a fault with your product, within a reasonable period following purchase, you’re protected. The length of statutory warranty period may be determined by the nature and price of the product (among other things). Because there is no specific time, it is unclear how long the Consumer Guarantees provide protection for you. Having a Dometic Care Extended Warranty will provide certainty and remove doubt!

    Under the Consumer Guarantees, each case is assessed individually, which is great, but also means that there’s no guarantee of any particular outcome each time. A remedy could be a repair, replacement or a refund but considerations include:

    • Is the problem major in nature?
    • What is a reasonable amount of time for the guarantees to apply?
    • How much is the product worth and what should be a reasonable life? (As an example, an electrical component failure does not mean the end of the useful life of an appliance; however you would not expect an “early life” component failure.)
    • You will need to be able to prove that the product is defective or not doing what it’s meant to do.

    Buying a Dometic Care Extended Warranty offers you a level of certainty because you know that there is a specific minimum period of time that you will have coverage for, regardless of whether or not the Consumer Guarantees continue to apply.
    You are not obliged to purchase an Extended Warranty; we simply want to give YOU the choice.

  • Your Extended Warranty starts at the end of the manufacturer warranty period and continues for the extended time you’ve purchased, unless you decide to cancel your Extended Warranty during the cooling off period.

  • have a complaint we want to hear about it. Your satisfaction is high on our list of priorities, so please make sure you let us know if you have a problem with your claim or the service we’ve provided. We provide a free-call consumer helpline and our operators will be happy to assist: 1800 21 21 21.

  • Dometic has a network of more than 300 suitably qualified and approved repairers for all our product repairs Australia-wide. As an example, you do not need to return to a capital city or to the place of purchase, your repair can be conducted whilst you are travelling. We may not have a repairer in some remote locations, but by using your Dometic Care Number on the Dometic Care website we will be able to find you the closest and most suited repairer for your needs. One number, one click, one call. It’s that easy!

    Our helpline operators are also here to assist you: 1800 21 21 21.

  • An equivalent replacement is a replacement product that has the same or similar function (determined by us) to the product you originally purchased. This is based on the product’s features, not the price you paid.

    You can be assured that the replacement you receive will be as good if not better than the original product.

  • Yes it does. If Dometic replaces the covered product, the original product becomes Dometic’s property and the replacement product is your property, with coverage for the remaining period of the plan. The replacement Product will also be covered by the Australian Consumer Law.

  • This is possible. If you are offered a replacement product because your product is unrepairable, but would like to upgrade to something different, all you need do is pay the difference between the cost of the replacement product and the product you have chosen to upgrade to. You may need to pay for installation differences however.

  • You can purchase an Extended Warranty at time of purchase of your Dometic product (when you pick up the recreational vehicle it is installed in) and at any time during the manufacturer’s warranty period. If purchasing an Extended Warranty after purchase of your Dometic product, you can make the purchase from the Dometic Care website, the dealer who sold you the product initially, any Dometic dealer, or an authorised Dometic service agent.

    For further information contact our consumer help line on 1800 21 21 21.

    If purchasing an Extended Warranty after the initial purchase, you will need to provide documentation such as a tax invoice showing the original date of purchase.